Saving thanks to its purchases, it’s possible!

Declining pension benefits and purchasing power make it increasingly necessary to build up capital for retirement. Since it is not easy for everyone to save part of their income each month, Good Finance has had another idea, original and within everyone’s reach.

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Created in 2011, which offers a savings solution directly related to your purchases. This micro-investment program rewards the loyalty of its customers and allows everyone to improve their financial conditions today or with a view to retirement.

The innovative idea of ​​Good Finance seduces more and more French people concerned about funding “their old age”.

Good Finance, a program serving the purchasing power and savings of the French

The French are becoming increasingly aware of the need to supplement their future retirement with new complementary savings solutions. Good Finance was created to offer a simple and painless solution that does not affect their daily budget. The Good Finance program is therefore resolutely at the service of the purchasing power and savings of the French.

Good Finance’s objective is simple: to encourage the creation of a savings supplement to help the growing number of French people who, helplessly, witness the decay of their purchasing power and their pensions.

Why this initiative?


Today, a Frenchman who retires must expect to receive, on average, between 44% and 85% of his last income. More dramatically, for 30% of them, putting money aside is now impossible. Mentalities are changing and the French are becoming increasingly aware of the need to save in order to benefit from an income supplement when the time comes. And the French have more expectations about their savings, in terms of price and quality.

Aware of this shift in mentality, Good Finance has initiated since 2011 a completely new approach in France and gives retail chains the tools they need to engage concretely and sustainably in the financing of purchasing power and pension supplement of thousands of French. A simple innovation, original and accessible to all throughout the territory.

How it works ?

How it works ?

The Good Finance program combines a MasterCard universal payment card and a life insurance account geared towards the creation of a retirement savings supplement managed by the e-Life Life Company of the Generali Group. Two key players in their fields. The “active” phase of the program is relatively straightforward in that by making daily purchases with a Good Finance credit card, the program member receives a percentage of their spending.

Percentage that may be up to 20% of the amount of its purchases, if the Good Finance Program member consumes in the network of affiliated brands and stores. These sums thus feed into a life insurance contract, in this case the “Good Finance Vie” account. Nevertheless, the members of this program enjoy a great freedom to the extent that they can also decide to feed their “Good Finance Vie” account through free installments, without paying any additional fees.